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Wedding dresses and robberies

Posted by shinymac on February 22, 2008

Last weekend we went into Manchester shopping with a surprise £100 we had received from our solicitors as they were archiving our file and noticed we were owed it. We discovered a great little shoe shop with a load of Adidas trainers, and as you may or may not know, this is a bit of a passion of mine. Adidas Originals – I love them! So, I was very happy to stumble upon this great little find, hidden away in an arcade off Deansgate, and all at good value too.

This is the collection I intend to add to in the future:


Whilst in this Arcade, I also spotted a cute little wedding boutique, and in the window of said cute little wedding boutique, there lay before me (or stood before me, seeing as it was on a mannequin), a lovely Candy Anthony/Dolly Couture style dress, with a difference. It had black fanned out straps over the shoulders, which kind of spoilt it for me, but the dress itself, without these straps, which were kind of braces style, as in they went right down to the waist, was absolutely gorgeous, and only confirmed that this is the kind of dress I need. Not that this really needed confirming, as my mind has been pretty much made up from the start of my (not really getting anywhere) wedding plans.

Last night on my way to the tram stop to go to work, I was strolling along with the children, amidst the sound of sirens and the usual hustle and bustle of end of the working day time.
We reached the bank in Sale, and I used the cashpoint, not realising at the time that the bank was closed…early.
I looked around and saw there were police everywhere, talking to people in the streets and hastily noting down the conversations.
We went into the shop for me to get some change for my tram fare, and people were nattering in the shop, phrases such as “it’s terrible” “even if they do catch them….” and “can’t believe it’s happened here”.
So, I did what any other ordinary, run of the mill, nosy as hell and dying to know what’s going on, person would do in that kind of situation. I forgot the old rule that you shouldn’t talk to strangers, and I asked one of them what exactly had happened out there.
“Some bloke’s robbed the bank with a knife!” I was told by one lady.
“It’s terrible.” Stated another.
“Can’t believe it’s happened here.” I heard.

Well, I have to say, I felt really uneasy then, heading off to catch my tram, with my kids in tow, and realising that had we left the house some 15-20 minutes earlier, which really I should’ve done, to ensure I was on time for work, we would’ve been caught in the middle of it. And furthermore to this, the bank steps are a bit of a playground for my kids whilst I use the cash point. They run up the steps, and then down the ramp, and pretend they’re on a fairground ride. They could’ve been there whilst this crazy armed robber ran out with his loot!
Thankfully, this wasn’t the case, and I held their tiny little warm hands extra tight all the way to work.


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Once upon a fairytale….

Posted by shinymac on January 14, 2008

Candy Anthony is my new hero! Her dresses are beautiful, and EXACTLY what I want. However, the price tags and her location are far from ideal.

We want to keep our wedding as cheap as possible, but as elegant and classy as we can make it on a budget too. Impossible? Yep, it could well be. But I WANT a Candy Anthony dress to get wed in, and I’m sad that there is no way in the world I’ll be able to afford one at £2000! So now I need an excellent seamstress in the Manchester area to re-create one of these wonders for me, but I know no-one!

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