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Once upon a fairytale….

Posted by shinymac on January 14, 2008

Candy Anthony is my new hero! Her dresses are beautiful, and EXACTLY what I want. However, the price tags and her location are far from ideal.

We want to keep our wedding as cheap as possible, but as elegant and classy as we can make it on a budget too. Impossible? Yep, it could well be. But I WANT a Candy Anthony dress to get wed in, and I’m sad that there is no way in the world I’ll be able to afford one at £2000! So now I need an excellent seamstress in the Manchester area to re-create one of these wonders for me, but I know no-one!


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Hello Wordpress World

Posted by shinymac on January 13, 2008

This is my first post here in the World of WordPress, and as nervous as I may be about joining you all, I am also extremely excited…. so much so, I am turning into a candidate in a job interview all of a sudden, sorry about that.Everyone is sound asleep, and as usual, I am still rattling around, with the tv on for background noise, and my lava lamp for company.Today was my first day off in a whole week – a WHOLE WEEK, well just about anyway, and the first time in AGES, I have sat down and had a meal with my family at our table. I made roast chicken, the most delicious roast potatoes, veg and the BIGGEST Yorkshire puddings I’ve ever seen (apart from the ones you get at, throughout my blog, not only will you be enlightened with what I make my family for dinner (when or if I ever get to eat it with them), but you will also be able to keep up to date with plans for my wedding. Well, I say MY, it’s actually mine and Alex’s, and we haven’t even set a date yet, but I am desperate to book things and get a dress, so he’d better comply with dates asap.I look forward to sharing it all with you.

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