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Marley and Evie start school

Posted by shinymac on September 6, 2008

This has been a very emotional week. On Wednesday of this week, Evie and Marley started their journey and started school for the very first time.
I expected tears, I expected clinging, I expected wails. However I got nothing I expected! I got smiles, excitement, happiness and not a single ounce of nervousness or trepidation about what lay ahead for either of them!

It was hard to leave them in the classroom, but I tore myself away and marched home to sit alone for a while as they got to know their new teacher and their new classmates.

It got to Friday, and the reality sunk in. They were really at school! They weren’t my babies anymore! The day had come and they had gone to school as I sat in the house feeling all miserable!
I sat and cried for an hour straight, and even now my emotions keep peeking out at me and saying “Hi there! Fancy a few more tears? Go on…… you know you want to!”

And to top it all off, the rain is simply making it all worse, and everytime I see the rain pouring down and trying to taunt me, I just feel slumped!
Next week will obviously be easier. And the week after that, and the week after that. I just hope the rain stops to help me out a little!


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Growing up

Posted by shinymac on June 16, 2008

A lot of my posts tend to mention how the children are on the cusp of starting school, and how this is affecting me me me me me. Well today, I thought it was time for a change, and time for me to mention a little about them and how they are doing.

On Tuesday last week, they came home from nursery, armed with a red folder each, which they held under an arm, trying to appear all grown up and scholarly. They presented us curious parents with these folders, not knowing how they would make me cry with pure pride.

The folders were like a review of their progress whilst they have been at the nursery, outlining their strengths, their weaknesses, their behaviour, their development, well basically, they are like giant school reports, cram-packed full with stuff on them.

Here are some excerpts;

“This is what I like doing best: Drawing and painting”
“These are things that worry me: Monsters and lions” Awww
“I still need help to do these things: Nothing” That’s my girl!
“Evie is a charming little girl with a great personality. It has been lovely watching her confidence grow, I thought she would be shy forever! I can see a happy little girl with good confidence now. Evie will love school. Good luck, you will be missed.”

“This is what I like doing best: Playing with the Lego”
“These are things that worry me: Monsters”
“I still need help to do these things: Nothing” Yay!
“Marley is a lovely little girl whose character is shining through every day. Her creative side shines through in all her activities. She will settle into school really well. You will be missed Marley.”

I just have to say how very proud I am of them, and I just hope that the way they have behaved throughout their time at nursery (which has been impeccably by the way), continues throughout their school years. (I also wish it would carry through at home, I am sick of splitting up fights between the pair of them!)

I had to add my comments (I wrote an ESSAY on each! Ha!) and tomorrow they hand it back in.
Their first step into the world of school is just about to be taken.

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