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Day 8 Diary Entry – Italy

Posted by shinymac on September 6, 2008

Sunday 31st August 2008

We had to get up really early this morning, and I did my usual trick of waking up all itchy in the middle of the night, and going out to the terrace to cool down – 3am to be precise! Quite a bit earlier than I needed to be up.
Out on the terrace at night, it is dark, even when you put the light on out there, you can’t see the sea in front of you, and you hear noises. Noises eminating from creatures in a foreign country freak you out than noises coming from creatures in your own back garden. Italian creatures make quite pleasant noises, but not at night time, and certainly not when you’re out in the dark alone with the wind blowing you about.

We all got up at 6, got ready, and headed down in the lift for the last time to reception where our taxi driver was awaiting us at 7.

The hotel owners bid us their farewells, and away we went – to the airport, sad and gloomy, except we weren’t really, because Evie and Marley were cracking us all up in the taxi with their usual hi-jinx and silly questions, and innocent observations.

We arrived at the airport, found our check in desk, which wasn’t difficult, considering Treviso is possibly smaller than Humberside, and got in line.

We got the front, and despite it being the end of our holiday, I felt surprisingly chirpy, and said a bright “Buongiorno!” to the check-in assistant. Well, I take it she wasn’t in the mood, because she had attitude plastered all over her face!
We put Alex’s case on, and she sent it away fine. Then we put mine on, and she abruptly told us to remove 4 kilos of weight from it or it can’t go through.

So we moved to the side, and hastily started to rifle through worn clothing (even underwear!), and other holiday stuff to try and remove some heavy items.
I was quite upset, as our hand luggage was full, and the case that had been sent down had a bit of room left in, so anything we removed, we had to dispose of.
I picked out my gold wedged sandals, and just said “these weren’t expensive, just leave these!” as the tears formed behind my eyes, and Alex took out 2 bottles of liquor we had bought yesterday from the supermarket. One was a chocolate pear one, and the other a lemon one. We just had to dump them!
I took out my make-up and a pair of jeans which I had to put on over my shorts in front of the whole line of people! I was so embarrassed.

We got back in line, and Little Miss Attitude told us that the case was now within the limits allowed, however, we would still need to pay excess baggage, because it was still overweight. 10 whole kilos overweight!
She sent the bag through, gave us a slip of paper, but no boarding passes, and said we now had to pay 150 Euros or we were not getting our boarding passes to go home. Bearing in mind we had 2 small children with us, I do think she was being highly unfair.

We found the desk to pay the money, paid it as I cried my eyes out, and took the receipt back to the awful check in person, and finally were allowed to go home. I was so upset! 150 Euros is not a drop in the ocean! It’s £120 at least! And we do not have that kind of money to spare!
As we went to security, I realised I had all my make up in my hand luggage, and would need a clear bag to put it into, so I asked the security lady through my tears, and she looked upon me kindly, provided me with one, and let me through with no hassle. I think she knew I’d had dealings with that nasty piece of work, and felt for me.

I cried pretty much the whole flight home. I’d had no food, because she had made my appetite vanish, and I was tired and sad to be leaving as it was, despite the 150 Euros.

It was a really bad end to a really great holiday, but I now need to just try and have positive memories of the whole experience, and put the Ryanair fiasco to the back of my mind.


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