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Keeping the demons at bay.

Posted by shinymac on January 14, 2008

For weeks now, I have noticed that my strange next door neighbours (nicknamed John and Yoko, simply because they look like what John Lennon would, and what Yoko Ono does, look like now) have had several bulbs of garlic dangling precariously outside their back door. For these few weeks, I have been wondering and making a mental note to google the reasons why they could be doing this strange thing.

Today, finally, I remembered to look it up. There are several reasons for this weird practice. The first being simply, to dry out the garlic so that it’s ready for use, especially if it’s home-grown, which I highly doubt it is, due to the Tesco tag which waves at me on a daily basis. The other main reason is to ward off evil spirits. I find this a bit odd. Is their house haunted? Do they regularly, or have they in the past, had visits from evil spirits in their cosy little terrace?

Next time Yoko comes round to help us dispose of the cardboard in our back garden, I am going to ask her. The problem is, I don’t think she likes us anymore, as she hasn’t come round to help get rid of any cardboard for months, and only speaks to the kids if we see her out and about. The reasons for her not liking us? It’s about as much of a mystery as the reasons for the hanging garlic were, but Google will not provide answers. We’re not noisy, the kids can be, but she seems to like them. We don’t have wild parties, much to my chegrin, and we don’t pester them for anything. Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe she wanted more involvement in our life.

Or maybe, we’re the evil spirits she’s trying to keep away.


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