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Windy Words

Posted by shinymac on January 21, 2008

Today has been an unusually windy day. I got the kids all ready for our nightly trip to The Trafford Centre, where they get picked up by Alex on his way home from work, and I toddle off to work. They had their hats on, their big warm coats and their little handbags with a couple of sweets in to try and keep them awake. Parenting has a lot to do with bribery. Stickers don’t cut it on a bus like they do at the dinner table.

So, we got to Stretford and stood waiting for our bus to come along, when suddenly the wind picked up and almost blew us all away, well, I say “us”, I think I meant “them”, because there is no way the wind could blow me anywhere – the New Year diet is…. erm…. well let’s just say it’s not going so well.

Evie whimpered a little and said she wanted to be at home, and Marley was silent, which I thought was unusual, but when asked if she was okay, she nodded and seemed content, despite the gusts.

We played our usual game of eye spy on the bus, and then off I went to work once they were safely bundled into Alex’s car.

I got home tonight and told Alex how I felt bad that I had to drag them out in the wind, but we don’t really have a choice at the moment. He chuckled a little bit and said that Marley told him the following:

“I tried to talk to Mummy, but the wind blew my words away”. I cried!


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