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And away we go….

Posted by shinymac on March 7, 2008

Off I trot to Hull for the weekend, where Alex is drumming with Tough Chicago Cop, and I’ll be watching and drinking (steadily mind, as I’m skint, so what’s new?), and cheering with Louisa, Krista, Kerry et al.

And I’m travelling over in Louisa’s Love Bug with the kids, so it’s all go!

Tomorrow I am going to visit my mum (who I haven’t seen since before Christmas), and then staying at my sister’s tomorrow night, although she can’t drink with us because she would be drinking for two, and that’s not good.

Then it’s back here on Sunday, after a quick stop at Alex’s parents for steak and chips, with John and Krista, and we’re going to see The Guillemots! FOR FREE! WITH ACCESS ALL AREAS PASSES! HURRAH!
Now, I just need to actually pull my finger out and go and pack some stuff.


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Vulture Tales

Posted by shinymac on March 6, 2008

Back in the days of living in Hull, my boyfriend Alex used to be in a band. He was the drummer.
On the day of their very first gig, we had our babies, and we lived in a poky little house in a little village called Preston. It was one of those places where everyone knew your business, nothing was sacred, and if you broke a little wind (IN YOUR OWN HOUSE!), the lady in the shop would know about it. My dad still lives there, and as much as he loves the place, it’s not my cup of tea. I prefer a certain amount of anonymity.
Anyway, I digress, their first gig was to be at The Adelphi, and they excitedly (like women) decided what they were going to wear, and the order of their setlist. This could be the making of them (we naively thought).

So, we went to The Adelphi, and as the boys nervously fiddled around sound-checking, tuning in, and “1-2, 2-1, 1-2″ing on the microphones, I sat there worried they would not be able to pull it off.
The songs they had done which I had heard, had been recorded on a little 4 track machine, onto cassette, and they were a bit out of time, a bit out of tune, and you could barely hear the drums. I was so scared.

They broke into their first number, and they were on fire! They were brilliant (although not as good as they were going to get, but I didn’t know that then).
I was impressed, and hooked, and wanted a piece of the action. I wanted to be up on the stage, I wanted the nerves, the stage-fright, the adrenaline. I wanted it all!

I got it.

A few months into their early gigging days, the lead singer Chris, asked if I fancied singing one of their songs. I almost snapped his hand off. Of course I did! I learned the song, without knowing the music, and one day, they all decided they would come round with the 4-track and teach me it properly.
I felt a bit nervous. They’d never actually heard me sing. What if they thought I was rubbish? What if Alex had just been kind saying I could sing, when really I couldn’t hit a single note? What if I was actually really bad? EEEK!
So, I got drunk. I cooked them all a huge roast dinner, whilst they were out and about practising, and drank 2 bottles of red wine whilst I was at it. Dutch courage.

They got back, and I belted out the song (once I’d heard the tune), but kept giggling nervously throughout my rendition.
Eventually, I managed to do it properly, in between getting the kids to bed, and feeling giddy, and they decided that yes, I could sing, and yes, I was to perform it on stage with them.

To be honest, I seriously cannot remember the first time I performed it live, in front of a proper audience, on a stage. No doubt I got drunk to give me the courage to actually get up there and do it, but I do remember that I thought I sounded horrendous….. each and every time I did the song.

The response I got from the audience, however, told me different, and once I’d been into the studio to record it, the song was played on a BBC Radio programme called Raw Talent (in Yorkshire and Humberside anyway!). I felt famous!

On the last ever Vultures gig before Alex and I moved to Manchester, one of Alex’s friends filmed us. It was ages after that we got a copy of the DVD and I was anxious to see how it turned out.

OH MY GOD! I looked huge, I sounded so out of tune, and my posture was just bendy and awkward!

I vowed then that I would never again grace the stage and embarrass myself.

So, this got me wondering about body image. Do you see what others see? When you look in the mirror and see yourself, is that exactly how you appear to the outside world?
And furthermore, do you hear what other people hear? When I sing, and I listen back to it, I guess it’s the same as hearing yourself on an answering machine, and not many people like that, that I know of.
I only hope that people don’t see what I see, or hear what I hear, because, however much I enjoyed it at the time, despite the nerves, upon reflection (via a DVD)┬áit was not very pleasant!

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