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Preparing for Xmas!

Posted by shinymac on December 5, 2012

So I am the most motivated and excited that I think I have ever been about Christmas. This year I decided, in an effort to save money, I would endeavour to create my own hampers, and make everything in them myself, apart from maybe the odd candy-cane.

I started 2 weeks ago with Limoncello, and have 2 litres sat in the dark in my kitchen, infusing as we speak. I have had some whisky donated by my dad to create my very own version of Bailey’s, although I’m leaving that until a bit later, due to the double cream. I am going to create some delicious Christmas treats, and my pickled shallots are sat pickling in the cupboard, along with jars of grilled peppers in olive oil. Loads is going on!

Mark the Medium told me back in April/May time that I would be far more organised this year, so whether it’s because he inspired me to be, or whether he was actually predicting it, I care not. All I know is, that my kitchen and my larder cupboard are slowly getting filled with wrappings, ribbon, labels, bags, bottles, jars and extra special delights.

I just wish I was making one for myself! 🙂


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