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Day 7 Diary Entry – Italy

Posted by shinymac on September 5, 2008

Saturday 30th August 2008

We spent a little time this morning traipsing around a couple of supermarkets to buy bits of pasta, gnocchi, alcohol and biscuits to take home. Once that task was complete, we headed to the pool for a swim, and then to the beach for the rest of the day.

Poor Marley did her usual trick of falling asleep and missing out on a few hours, only this time, she fell asleep in my arms in the sea!
Alex and Evie went off to get us all some dinner, and came back armed with fresh crusty rolls, salami, emmental and prosciutto to make our own sandwich. We discovered (typically that it was our last day) how much more delicious and less expensive they were too!
We saved one for sleepyhead Marley, and woke her up to a Hello Kitty ice cream from the moving beach ice-cream stall.

The kids made a huge sand castle village, and Evie and Alex dug up a massive hole, in which Evie was buried stood up! Alex struggled to get her out!

As the day wore on, some German kids came along and made a new sand castle village next to ours. Evie and Marley dished out enough evil looks to start off another world war!
We played in the sea a little for the last time, and spent ages trying to deflate Craig the Croc, the lilo (which we ended up popping), and the kids’ rubber rings, before trotting back a little less laden down with beach equipment, to get ready for tea.

After showers, we headed out to a far posher restaurant than usual. One that had been blessed with the touch of an interior designer, and fitted with huge floor lamps, and trendy unisex toilets. One that did AMAZING pizza at still really good prices, yet one that we soon discovered sneakily charged a 2 Euro per person cover charge! Naughty!

Once our bellies were full, we headed off to play crazy golf, where Alex became so intent on making me lose, he flashed my bum to a few old Italian men in an effort to put me off and distract me from my shot!
After getting confused with our score cards (due to the litre of wine we’d sunk with our meal), we abandoned them and just had fun with it instead.

The kids managed to get into the fun-park next door on our last 6 Euros, which should’ve been 8, but Alex had a word – bless him, and I headed back to the hotel on my own to start the mammoth packing task which lay ahead.


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