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Day 6 Diary Entry – Italy

Posted by shinymac on September 5, 2008

Friday 29th August 2008

Our penultimate day began with the usual breakfast downstairs, and then plenty of time in the pool, which despite feeling freezing upon entry, soon ended up being a welcome break from the blazing hot sun.

We then spent some time on the loungers on the hotel’s private beach for a change, instead of being right next to the sea as we have done since we’ve been here. The kids soon got tired, so I offered to cart Marley up to the room so she could have a comfy nap. Just before we went, I saw a little cute lizard darting across the sand – it was adorable! I hoped it would climb into my bag so I could bring it home!
Whilst Marley DIDN’T nap back at the room due to being so busy playing, I lounged on the lilo on the terrace, which is the best sun trap ever.

I read a couple of chapters of The Acid House by Irvine Welch, before Marley got fed up and wanted to go and see Daddy and Evie, who had been napping on the private beach!

Once everyone was together, we left our stuff on the loungers and the 4 of us ran down to the sea to all jump in together. Something we’d not managed to do yet! It was great fun, even though Alex and Marley both tried to drown me on several occasions.

We got ready for tea, and headed down to the central section where all the main shops, bars and restaurants were.
Evie wanted something from the Hello Kitty shop that she’d spotted a few nights ago, and had harped on about ever since, but when we got there, she couldn’t find it, and we even asked the shop assistant, but it wasn’t there anymore! She was heartbroken!
We did manage to apease things by getting her and Marley a new punky Bratz doll each which they both love.

For tea we found a really busy restaurant, which is always a good sign, and I opted for a Vesuvia pizza, which was ham, mushrooms, artichokes and egg, and was by far the best ever so far!

A long walk back and a quick beer at the hotel bar. I will be so sad to have our last night tomorrow!


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