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Day 5 Diary Entry – Italy

Posted by shinymac on September 5, 2008

Thursday 28th August 2008

Today for some strange reason, has felt almost like it was the end of our holiday, despite the fact that we have 2 full days left!
We managed to get up for breakfast, as we have done every day, which I am actually glad about, as it’s filled us up, sometimes even until tea time! We had bacon, eggs, ham, cheese, crusty rolls, jam tarts and coffee.
The kids had their usual chocolate spread on bread.

Poor Evie is suffering with a pretty bad cold and a nasty cough, so we took a trip to the nearest pharmacy in Piazza Torino to get her some cough medicine.
The pharmacist explained how much to administer by drawing a really bad picture of a big spoon and a little spoon and writing a 1 next to the little one. I managed to work it out with my bits of Italian and her bad artwork!

We then went to the beach for a few hours after buying a huge blow up crocodile, which we’ve nicknamed Craig. Not after my sister’s boyfriend, it just fitted right. Cr and Cr.
After playing in the freezing cold swimming pool with Craig, we headed out to the sea with him.

We had panini con formaggio e prosciutto (cheese and ham paninis) from the beach hut, Evie had a hot dog, Marley had a toastie, and then we chilled out again on the sand. Evie didn’t seem to improve, so we decided she probably needed to play in the shade for a while, so we headed back to the room for the rest of the afternoon.

Alex and I tried to brave the heat on the sun-trap terrace, but kept having to go inside and blast ourselves under a cold shower to cool down. It was unbelievably hot.

Tonight we decided to go local for tea, and we picked a relatively cheap place where I just fancied having chicken and chips. It was pants. The litre of wine and the bruschetta starter were great though.

Then a bit later, Evie punched Alex in the nuts and really highlighted a great day in which we’d also seen Marley throwing a massive tired tantrum, due to not having a nap, and then later a very whingy bedtime.

Hopefully we’ll all be a bit chirpier tomorrow, especially as it will be our 2nd to last day!


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